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Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking It In To Make It Work

When you're on a weight loss journey, one of the things you will deal with are clothes that don't fit anymore.  Sometimes you grin as you toss them into the 'donate' box.

But other times you either really like that piece of clothing or you need it.  Running out and getting new just isn't in the equation.

For example: my favorite pair of work jeans.  Just the right raggedity softness combine with an elastic waist that doesn't pinch as you twist in weird positions to get into the back of the closet or paint that little bitty area almost out of reach.

Nope, didn't want to junk these yet!  But they are starting to fall off (and that is a very good thing!).

Since I really had nothing to lose, I decided to try a bit of altering.  I decided how much I wanted to bring them in and pinned line to mark it.  Then I stitched along the line to create 'wings' of excess fabric.  I went right up over the elastic band but I did a quadruple stitch along there.

I tried it on to make sure it was where I wanted... then cut those wings off!

Much better!  

Not perfect but I do have other pairs of jeans to practice on.


  1. Good on ya! (figuratively AND literally)

  2. Congrats to you. Been there and done that hopeful I wont go back to #1 big bloom.

    Keep rocking to the goal you want..


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