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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cool Mornings...Busy Days

The first 10 days of June has had some incredibly cool mornings and low humidity evenings.  We've been taking advantage of that every chance we could (whenever something else was not planned).  We've gotten a lot done outside.  This work was to set up a framework that we can build upon with multiple small projects.

Here's a bit of it (we've also been working in the shed, but I'm not ready to show that yet).

Our garage entry area.  It was a mess... let's leave it at that, OK?  We cleared and cleaned and did a few projects.  We've also dealt with the weedy driveway issue since this photo was taken.

One of those projects was this screening of the AC unit.  Those things are just ugly and ours could win the ugly contest.  Seriously... why don't the makers of those things put a bit of style to them?

I got the fence pickets at ReStore for about .50c each.  The big 4x4s came back from my Dad's stash and the 2x4 are from my stash.  The pots of blueberry bushes are sitting on a huge, heavy piece of slab wood...that is sitting on huge 'L' braces attached to the 4x4s.  Between the weight of the wood and the pots, it's not going anywhere.

Still have to pretty it up with a rock border.

The other project was to make a walkway from the back door to the patio.

Himself leveled in the stepping blocks and then went back to add in the roof tarp (BEST weed block ever!).  Then he had to fine tune the block leveling.

Several bags of egg rock and it was ready to go.

Our under-the-deck patio and wee garden.

You can barely see it... there is black chicken wire around the garden.

Doesn't it blend in great from a distance?

The large pots on the left are my 'nursery'; trees and raspberry bushes to be planted later.

On the table are my bonsai in training.

North side of the patio in the lowest (#3) terrace.  As you can see, it was a hot weedy mess.  Himself has taken it personal and is clearing it out.

After: (View looking down from deck)  He's cleared out about a 10' wide area.  He moved the 2 surviving rhubarb plants into the bed with the spearmint.  It gets just a bit of direct sun and the plants seem to like that.

Now up to the front of the house.

Court yard.  Not much different than last year's set up.

Looking the other way (#1 terrace).  Cleaned up of leaves and sticks.  Also moved a bunch of roof tarps that will go into #2 terrace area.  Then this fall (or when it's too dry for mowing) our yard guy will fill #2 terrace with gravel.

The driveway has also been cleaned out.

Left view from the court yard.

We added that huge bird bath (given to us by a friend).  Most of the area from the bird bath down had no gravel.  Yard guy dumped in the gravel (here and several other areas).  Himself then had the chore of spreading it.  This is large gravel (2-4 inches) and doesn't move easy.

And the right view of the court yard.

Heading down the sidewalk to the front door.

We added that 4' wide strip of gravel to tie the herb bed walkway to the main sidewalk.
(Still working on the herb bed...95% done).

Front door.

Yes... another bird bath.  We have 4 of them.

Those hibiscus on either side of the door have a story.

On a WalMart trip, we walked past a couple of pallets of large plants marked 75% off.  Well that's worth a look!  They had been moved from the 50% off area.  There were several VERY thirsty hibiscus but they were still in pretty good shape.   

Original price: $20.98.  Alrighty then!

When I got up to pay for them, the cashier said she couldn't do the extra off.  I told her they were 75% and that was the price they'll be.

She had to call someone.

"Someone" came and told me she'd give me "a couple dollars off".  I smiled and said "No, they are now 75% off.  Got them off the last pallet."  Her reply... "Well, that's what 'Susie' has been giving."

With my smile now gone, I told her, "That is incorrect math.  75% off of $20.98 should come to the price of $5.25 for the plants."  She actually argued!  I was just getting ready to demand the store manager when she huffed and rang them out.


I got them home and filled a big tub with water.  I plunged them in and let them sit overnight.

Next morning...HAPPY hibiscus!

Aren't those peach colored flowers beautiful?

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  1. Love those hibiscus! Your organization posts always inspire, Teri! You did a fabulous job! I'm home from vacation, off for the summer, and have plans and visions for my home. Time to conquer and beautify!


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