Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Persia's "Gotcha Day"

Did you know that June is National Adopt a Cat month?

And it has been exactly one year since we did just that!  Miss Persia came home with us on 30 May '15.  And life hasn't been the same.

It's been oh so much better.

We laugh more, play more, and cuddle more because of this silly cat.  

Yes... cuddle more.  When she sees one of us stretched out on the bed, she runs to find the other and meows until that person goes back to the bedroom and stretches out too.  She then jump between us purring like a motor.

She has gotten so big.  The day we brought her home she weighed about 2 pounds.  One year later she tips the scale at 10.6 pounds.

Persia... not wanting her picture taken.

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