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Monday, June 6, 2016

Social Weeding

Himself and I recently attended a Team Red, White, and Blue non-athletic event (the group does a huge amount of athletic things that just doesn't float our 50-something year old boats... if you know what I mean).

Nope, this event was right up our alley.

We went out to a local organic farm/homestead and helped the gentleman with his weeding.

Yep, we weeded.  Even tho we have our own yard full of weeds.

Just look at these lettuces!!





Hungry yet?

As we weeded, we talked.

Real conversation.  No smart phones needed.

The only tweeting was the barn swallows swooping overhead.

Before we knew it, and hour and a half had passed.  Time to head home.

Headed home with some wonderful produce!
(Chard, onions, beets)

Fire and Cloud Homestead
3371 Ridge Road
Cedar Hill, TN

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