Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Black Sheep Bistro...The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [Now closed]

On one of our 'out and about' times we went past lunch and the hungries were hitting hard.  A friend had eaten at The Black Sheep Bistro and said it was good.  So we decided to try it.

Neat idea for a bar.  That is a truck ramp.

We were seated and given a bowl of pickles (??) and tall jars of ice water.

The menu was interesting and there was a board with additional specials.

Himself had the "Smokin' Cuban", Bro 1 had the "Smokin' Big Burger" and I made up a plate from the sides: garlic Parmesan red potatoes, jalapeno corn, lemon asparagus couscous, and smoked mac & cheese.

The Good

The food was excellent.  Portions were large (we took a lot home).  The smoked mac & cheese and the jalapeno corn...fantastic.  I could make a meal on the mac & cheese.

The Bad.

The service.  It was hard to get either server's attention in the small open room.  They sat and yakked with their backs to us (we were the only customers).  And once she got to the table she only paid attention to the person who flagged her down.  Water refills..not unless you asked.

The Ugly.

No air conditioning (or it was set at 85*!).  It was HOT in there on an upper 90s day.  No fans either.

And the one bathroom was foul smelling and the heat didn't help at all.

Would I go back?

Yes.  During very cool temperatures and I'll ask for TWO jars of water.

[Edit: As of 28 Jan 2017 the Black Sheep Bistro closed permanently.  Not surprised.]

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