Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chocolate Bliss - Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Factory Tour

Who knew that Nashville is the home of an artisan chocolate factory?

And they offer factory tours too!  With tastings.

Count me in!

Bro 1 loves good dark chocolate as much as I do (and you already know that Himself is a choco-holic).

The tour started in the back of the shop where the cocoa is processed.  Our guide passed around a cocoa pod so we could see how it all begins.

O&S starts with fair trade cocoa beans that they slow roast right there.

The beans are aged in old bourbon barrels for smoky deliciousness.

They are then ground on granite crushers for several days.

There's white chocolate going too.

Say you don't like white chocolate?  Theirs is truly different.  They use buttermilk which gives it a distinct flavor, to me it has a yogurt like tang.  It's ruined me for white chocolate.

Here's some of the products they offer...and we sampled:

Large chocolate bars in both regular & white chocolate...with different flavors too.

Bourbon Truffles

Bourbon nib and smoked nib brittle.

Some very unusual and delicious caramels.

And unique cordials like their 'cherry bombs'.

It is a fun and inexpensive tour that I highly recommend.

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  1. Chocolate, YUM!!!! Bend, OR has a small Chocolate Factory tour, too. It's fun to watch them make their candies!!


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