Monday, June 5, 2017

23 Fantastic Words To Begin Using

I love words.  So often English isn't broad enough for what I want to say.  Here are some words that need to be incorporated into the English language:

Doesn't that word sound as soft as a drizzling rain?

Love that feeling!

I feel that way about so many of my travel experiences.

And it is wonderful!

Colonsay, Scotland... a home that never was.

Oh I need a bit of this in my life!  Where are you?



Double uh-huh.

Hmmm... wonder if there is a word for drinking tea with something sweet?

The world needs more of these.

Every. Single. Time. the alarm goes off.

Every family has one!

Isn't that a fun time?

We never realize, do we?

Love it!

Through a child's eyes.

Not often practiced.

Pure loveliness.

Best efforts are freeing.


A sad feeling.



  1. Why not pick a couple of these and start using then in everyday conversation? You might start a trend.


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