Saturday, June 10, 2017

Between Visits Flower Making

Our first set of company has headed on down the road Friday after a 5 day visit.  There was so much catching up to do!  Now we have just gotten the guest room 're-set' for our next visitors who are coming in tomorrow (Sunday).

We are also putting up a LOT of green beans and peaches...

Yesterday while chilling out, I felt like doing some creative things.  So I started making a "junk journal" which you will see later when I finish it.  And I used new-to-me flower punches I got from my traveling friend to make some dimensional flowers.

So easy!

The bottom are the single paper punches.  The top are the finished flowers (no kidding, right?).  The outside flowers are made of heavy scrapbook paper.  The middle one is from pages from an old book.

To make...

Punch out 7 flower shapes.  Wet them a wee bit...not too much or they fall apart.  Stack them on top of each other then use an awl to put a hole thru the middle.

In the hole, put a brad.

Then take the first layer, and scrunch it up around the brad head.  Really squish it.  Then do the next and the next...

Once they are all squished up, start unsquishing them from the bottom.  I used the awl to tease them apart.  Then shape them up to look pleasing to you.

Let dry.  I put them on my window sill.  They dry quite firm.

That is all it takes!

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  1. Great job on the flowers!!! Can't wait to see the final project.


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