Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whole30... DONE! Stick a Fork In It!

We did it!  

We did it right.  

And now we are into the 'reintroduction' phase.  There where issues that cleared up during the program so I'm a bit apprehensive as to which food group caused them.  Dairy has been added back with no issues so far.  Thursday will be 'grains'.

It was an interesting journey.  I thought I would miss milk a lot more than I did... it was my hot tea I missed most.  Himself is excited for Thursday and his first bowl of cereal in a month.

My results haven't be the miraculous ones so often reported but they were definitely there.  The Whole30 web site has a 2 page check list of possible "Non-scale victories" (benefits) that could come with doing the program.  These are the ones I noticed:

Clearer skin
Less under-eye circles
Less stiff joints
Less heartburn
Less chronic pain (non-specific aches)
No longer slave to sugar/carbs
Fewer cravings

But there was no super energy or a whole new mental focus.

I learned a lot too, like:

Darn near everything has added sugar!  
(I am now a label reader).
That I can do without being a milk-a-holic.
That fruit IS still sweet.
That it is almost impossible to have a healthy meal at a restaurant.
It would be impossible for us to maintain during travels.
It reset my portion control ability.

And there was definitely a 'scale' victory!  I lost 7.5 pound in the 30 days (which brought me to a mile stone) and Himself lost 12.5 pounds.  

It has been a very worthwhile endeavor.  However, it will not become a lifestyle for us.  It's far too restrictive for our lifestyle and tastes.


  1. I agree that a whole-foods lifestyle is very difficult to maintain outside of your house. We've learned to hit up grocery stores for vegetables (there's always a sink or water fountain to wash tomatoes, carrots, or peppers). Once we bought an aseptic box of black beans and split it for a snack :-)

  2. I think you did amazingly well.I don't think I could do that long term, either. But, the meals you prepared while we were there were great!! And, we are so glad you and Deane lost some weight for all of your efforts. Congratulations, again, on your milestone!!


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