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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apple picking

September and October are apple season in Wisconsin. Trees were sagging with their red or yellow fruit. Everywhere we went were signs for orchards one could buy fresh apples from.

So we jumped on the chance to pick our own apples during our visit with Himself’s aunt Lorraine. Just a few days earlier she had been out there with her daughter and asked if we would like to go. Shortly thereafter we found ourselves on a hay wagon being pulled by a tractor to various parts of the orchard. Not only could you pick apples… they had raspberries and grapes you could pick too!

But it was the apples we were after…

Lorraine decided to wait for us by staying on the wagon as it circled the orchard. She said it was a pretty day and it was nice to sit and enjoy the views. So we grabbed a bag each and hopped off.
What fun! I don’t think I’ve picked apples in 25 years. The trees were so laden with fruit it didn’t take long to fill our 8 pounds bag. It was nice to just be there enjoying the sight of such bounty and smelling the sweet apple fragrance.

With each of us overfilling (as instructed) our bags… we ended up with a lot of apples. Not a problem tho. We gave apples to each person we visited and still had plenty to take home too.

I think I’ll bake a sour cream apple pie tonight!

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