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Friday, January 15, 2010

Guest blog for church

I was asked to write a guest blog for my church about Haiti and why we should give to the aid relief.

Here's what I wrote:


The name doesn't bring up the best images: corrupt government officials, riots, child slavery, voodoo, police brutality, gang violence, deforestation...

You know what? What you pictured in your mind's eye is right.

Maybe you wondering if you should make a donation and how much. Asking yourself why we should help by sending our hard earned money to a place that change comes slowly to. A place that, in all probability, in 10 years will look about like it did pre-earthquake.

Because when Jesus looks at Haiti, He sees something different. He sees Maxene, my sweet little Compassion writing buddy. He sees Sonya, a lady who works hard cleaning for the UN Peacekeepers. And yes, He sees the voodoo witch doctor and He sees the government official who took a bribe.

He sees His children.

Some will be with Him in Heaven and some are lost forever. And His heart breaks for all of them.

We are all now given an opportunity "to do our Father's work". By giving to an aid organization who comes in the name of Jesus, we have the gift of helping spread God's kingdom.

On Sunday the 17th, Grace will be taking a collection for Haiti relief. There will be a display with a donation basket at the Serve table. The donations will be sent to World Vision - who is listed as one of the top ten "most fiscally responsible charities".

Now is your chance.

Do it for Him.

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