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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Goal - Clutter Free Me!

January is my decluttering month. I am so close that I know I can get it done this time.

To finish the upstairs will only take about 3 more days. I've done the hardest part areas: the foyer closet which I am using to store bulky serving pieces out of the kitchen plus it has to hold some household items like my tool box and the kitchen cabinets & storage closet.

My office/hobby room will take about a week. It has been the dumping ground for just about everything. And "everything" is getting boxed up and set on pallets in the garage to be dealt with once I have control of the room. Is that cheating? Maybe. But it's what has to be done. Once I get every box moved out of there I am going to rearrange the furniture. I have someone who wants the bar and she can then come get it (and get it out of my way!). A little organizing of craft items and it will be done.

And I can get the garage finished up in a couple days (not counting the boxes I set on the pallets).

It's looking good!

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