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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not enough wall space!!!

In working on my office I have gotten to the point where I couldn't avoid the "dreaded closet". The one under the stairs. The one crammed with tubs filled with frames and art. Four huge tubs...

So with a good stiff shot of milk to strengthen myself I got busy. After doing the first tub and the fringes around it I had filled my sorting table with small frames. The kind that holds 5x7 or smaller. FILLED it.

"My name is Teri and I'm a frame-aholic".

But that's not what is really getting to me. The thing that's making me sigh and run my fingers thru my hair is the incredible pieces of original art we have gotten in our travels.

And I don't have the wall space to display them.

So I am reconsidering what I have on the walls in every room of the house. These just have to be displayed.

What do you think?

These first two are watercolors from Bosnia by Chamil.

The above three pen & ink watercolors are from Budapest, Hungary.

An antique oil painting from Hungary.

An acrylic from Nairobi, Kenya.

An oil from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

Oil on cloth from Nyeri, Kenya.

Acrylic from Kenya.

An acrylic from Vilnius, Lithuania. By Zita Masley.

Etched metal plate from Chelyabinsk, Russia.

An oil painting from Cap Haitian, Haiti.

Oil painting from Celaya, Mexico.

From Guanajuato, Mexico.

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  1. Hey Girl! You could "rotate" your art... I'm certain (knowing what I do about you) that the peices you already have on the walls mean something to you as well... so just rotate it. Keep your bins... and swap them out with seasons or whenever you feel the need for a bit of change.

    You have a BEAUTIFUL collection...


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