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Monday, January 31, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: C

Are you ready to C this edition of the "Encyclopedia of Moi"?  (OK, bad bad pun -LOL-).

C*: AKA “Sis”. Also “Mama” to Little Bird and Little Hoss. We are 11 ½ years apart in age, so we really didn’t ‘grow up together’. She was a little kid when I married. We are pretty different in personality and it has taken us a long time to finally ‘grow together’. But it’s happening now. And I like it.

Chocolate: Dark, if you please. Very dark. It is a health food after all.

Compassion International: We have been Compassion child sponsors for about 10 years. Currently we have 4 children (our first child left the program shortly before she would have “aged out”). Of those 5 children we have visited 2, the one who left the program and our Maasai boy in Kenya. Someday we plan on visiting the other 3.

Cherry Garcia ice cream: My favorite carton ice cream. Chocolate and cherries and creamy. Look at those “C” words! Oh my…

Coconut water: Guess this is a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ thing. I tried it for the first time a few years ago at a roadside stand in Mexico. LOVED it!

Critters: That’s what we call the various wildlife who visit our home out here in ‘the sticks’. We have regular visitors of deer (up to 10 will sleep in our yard), coyotes, possum, raccoon, ground hog, chipmunk, squirrels, lizards by the hundreds, a few King snakes, owls, hawks, turkeys, and endless numbers of songbirds. Oh, an occasional bald eagle too.

Chickadee: Of those songbirds who hang out here, my favorite is the tiny chickadee. They are SO cheeky. First ones to the feeder after I refill it… sometime they buzz past me when I’m only a few steps away.

Canon: My preference in cameras. I have a Rebel for my SLR, and am shopping for a small ‘point and shoot’. (Himself’s P&S is lousy and he took my Canon P&S with him… so I get to buy a new one for me!)

Caves: Growing up in MO, there were a lot of caves to explore. My favorite was a ‘wild cave’ over in High Ridge. You had to climb down a rope (and back up to leave!) and then crawl thru a tunnel. Fun! It was the place of my first date with Himself.

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