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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Indoor Winter Wonderland

I’ve decided to start doing a wee bit of seasonal decorating. Although I like the look and think it’s fun, I also like my things I have out all the time. When I put out my Christmas things this year, I pulled some that are more “winter” than “Christmas”. Now that Christmas is put away, I’ll put out these snowmen and ‘snowy’ decorations for a month. They’ll make a nice start to the year.

So I’ve picked a few areas throughout the house I will use from now on:

The fireplace hearth.

The table at the back of our couch. 

The top of my little desk. 

The vase I moved into the hall bathroom.

And the opposite corner of the bathroom.

I had a lot more fun decorating than I thought I would! Now I have to start planning for NEXT month.



  1. Winter nesting is so much fun! Nice way to savor this beautiful season Teri. ~Lili

  2. I have a bit of "winter" artwork (featuring snow scenes and/or bare trees) that will stay out until the beginning of spring.

  3. Oh I love this! I usually try to leave my red stuff through valentines day, but I never thought about leaving my snowy stuff out! Thank you!

  4. I also snap up all the "holiday" candles. Usually they have a wonderful pine scent that brings the winter inside.


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