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Thursday, January 13, 2011


My photography club has an exhibit downtown during the month of January. The theme is “shadows”.

There were so many possibilities going thru my head, I really had a difficult time trying to decide what I wanted to do. That is… until I saw what was to be my first image and I knew what my personal theme for the show would be… “Shadow of the Past”.

~Shadows of the Past~
Harness the Wind

This is that first image. It is along the road in SE Iowa. I knew immediately I wanted that shot! Himself turned the truck around and I took about 5 or 6 shots. I like because reminds me of the old windmill that used to be on Himself’s family homestead farm in North Dakota.

~Shadow of the Past~
Life Giver

This image just fit so perfectly with the first. This was taken in western Wisconsin. The well pump is such a strong symbol… life giving water, the Well of Living Water, or even the pump that helped bring the child Helen Keller to living her life fully.

~Shadow of the Past~
Prairie Thunder

I took this shot at the bison ranch we visited in north central Iowa. For a few minutes while we were feeding the bison, the only sounds were the wind in the grass, the deep deep breaths of the bison and the sound of them walking around. Even tho there were only about 20, when several were moving at the same time… it was loud. I thought about what it must have been like when they numbered 40 million. They were called a “black ocean”. The sound must have been incredible.


  1. Very cool! You have a wonderful talent for photography, Teri.

  2. I love love that first image. Well done. I know shadows are hard cause you chase the fading sun!


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