Thursday, January 6, 2011

My "Best" Shots of 2010

Beth over at "I Should Be Folding Laundry" put up a photo challenge for our 10 best photos of 2010.  "Best" is a subjective term.  A photo that is technically perfect may not be the one that leaves you most satisfied  Maybe it's the imperfect one that stirs your emotions and memories "best".

"The Shack"
This old house is up the hill from us.  I really like the way the snow made certain details stand out.

"Icy Lace"
The dusting of very dry snow was unusual for this area.  It blew like dust in the breeze.  Our snows are normally wet ones... perfect for snowballs.

"Fern Study"
The light was perfect.  It was one of those images begging to be captured.

"Feeling Blue"
This turkey hen is one of many who visit our yard.  They are so spooky it's hard to get a good photo.

"Carmen's House"
Watching the progression from egg to ugly baby birds to cute baby birds was fun.  And as soon as they were fledged... the shoe was moved!

"Welcome Sweet Baby"
A one-handed shot taken as I held my new nephew (hours old) for the first time!

"Little Bird's First Pony"
And my sweet niece turned 1 this year.  The pony is her birthday gift from us.

"Garden Pearls"
Living so close to the river, we often have fog.  This web was completely covered with droplets.

"The Crab Boil"
This is one of those "imperfect best" photos.  My family had a crab boil for Himself's birthday celebration.  Great memories of laughter and sharing.

"Farm Guardian"
Taken on our trip to MN and WI.  A family member's good ol' dog keeping an eye on their home.  One of many memories gathered as we visited the "senior delegation".


  1. Adore your photo of the cobweb! Thats beautiful! You have a great eye for photos!

  2. awwwww the one of your niece is so cute!

  3. Count me in for Garden Pearls too! And the precious shot of your newborn nephew, and the fern, and the ice. Ok those are my favorites! ~Lili

  4. Great stuff. The Shack is my favorite. But I also like the cobweb. And the crab boild. And the fern. And the dog. :-)

  5. Beautiful shots! Love the garden pearls!

  6. That is hands down the best spider web photo I've ever seen, and you named it perfectly! Love the Shack, too.

  7. Wow, great shots. I like what you said about not being necessarily technically perfect. They are all so interesting, you captured the subjects really well. And the web of course is just gorgeous! Kudos!


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