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Monday, October 10, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: Q

Quilt:  My great grandmother was a quilter.  I loved pulling her quilts down from the closet and listening to her tell stories about the different pieces of fabric sewn in each one.  I have a quilt I started longer ago than I will admit to… but my goal is to finish it before next summer.  When the babies were born, I went to the annual Amish quilt auction and bought each of them a beautiful hand stitched baby quilt.  

Quest:  The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search.”   I think that life should be a quest.  We should continuously be searching, working towards something.

Qiviut: When I went to Alaska a few years ago one of the places I chose to visit was a musk ox farm.  I’d never seen one before and it was a perfect opportunity.  It was there I learned about the yarn made of the shed inner coat of the musk ox.  It is spun into yarn called qiviut by Alaska Native Americans.  It is incredibly soft and lightweight.  Much nicer than even cashmere!  I would love to own something made from it.  

Quarter mile:  Little known fact.  For one year in high school I was on the track team.  I ran the 440 relay.  Did well enough to letter but didn’t like it enough to come back the next year.

Quiche:  My ‘go to’ meal.  In our home we almost always have the base ingredients for a nice quiche – eggs, cream or milk, cheese.  From there, just start playing!  

Quiet:  I enjoy quiet.  There will be days that the TV doesn’t come on.  I’m not good at small talk.  Chatterers can wear me out.  That is why I love it so much out here at The Sticks.  It’s peaceful.

Quartz:  I collect minerals.  Several times I have been to Coleman’s Mine in Hot Springs, AR to sift thru the mine tailings for quartz crystals.  I’ve gotten quite a few very nice pieces.  When I get my hobby room set up, I will be pulling them out of storage and making some jewelry with them.  

Quail:  One of my favorite birds.  I always enjoy hearing the whistle back and forth to each other “Bob WHITE”.  We have a covey out here at The Sticks and I even get to see them every so often… not just hear them calling.

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  1. I'm impressed you were able to come up with so many examples from a "difficult" letter :-)


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