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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make It a Double!

No trip to St Louis is complete with a visit to Crown Candy Kitchen ( ).  It is THE place to go for a real soda fountain experience.  The shop is tiny and usually packed.  The lines form just inside the door.  Step left if you want to order candy or something to go.  Step right if you want a booth.  

(Sorry about the cruddy photos.  The light was harsh and I was being jostled.)

The candy display.

The soda fountain counter.  Just look at all those wonderful treats you can choose from!    I didn’t need to look at that tho.  I knew exactly what I wanted…

… a double chocolate cherry milkshake!  (It’s enough for two people… or one hot and tired shopper).

Once we finished, I wandered over to the candy counter where I picked up a few treats to go.  

Can’t wait to go back!!!


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