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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Scotland Walkabout

I have a little secret… Himself and I returned Saturday from a 30 day trip to Scotland!  I’ll be blogging about it, of course… tho I will spread them out over time. 

We flew into Glasgow where our guide for a later part of the trip picked us up at the airport.  Dave drove us via the scenic route to the city of Oban and dropped us off where we caught the ferry to the island of Colonsay.  We spent several days on this small island chilling out from the frenetic pace of the ‘getting to Scotland’. 

After 4 days we took the ferry back to Oban, where Dave picked us up for a 15 day private guided tour thru some of the western islands and the Highlands. 

We spent 2 days in Edinburgh and did a drive into ‘The Borders’ with Dave.

The final week was spent in a seaside cottage in the Lowlands of Galloway, where we had a rental car so we could explore the area. 

It was an incredible trip that I am looking forward to sharing here.

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  1. Scotland! Oh wow. Love the pictures and can't wait to hear/see more.


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