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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Silver Ridge Pottery

When Himself and I drive thru a new area, we try to leave time to stop at any interesting places we happen upon.  On a particular drive thru middle TN we came across a hand lettered sign that said “Pottery”.  

That was enough to get our attention.

Following more homemade signs, we knew we’d come found a good one when the final sign pointed to this driveway.  That thought that was verified as we continued up the winding drive towards the shop. 


We saw whimsical beasties…

Cairns of pottery…

And fun creations made of broken pottery or pieces that didn’t make the grade.

When we pulled in, we were enthusiastically greeted by Maggie.  Once her ‘hellos’ were said, she quickly returned to reclaim the best seat in the shop.  

Silver Ridge Pottery ( ) is owned by Lee Marshall.  She works with porcelain clay.  It is so beautiful.  Lee gave us a friendly welcome and soon we were chatting like old friends. 

Love this drink serving set!

Butter dishes

Glasses and sushi sets.

The colors they use are fabulous!

Look at that depth!


I really liked the ikebana vases.  A few came home with us.

This rendition of the famous woodblock print caught my eye. 

Another variation.

Holding with the whimsy we saw coming up the driveway, there were also face jugs for sale.  Funny!  My favorite is the red fish.   

We left Silver Ridge pottery with a bag full of treasures.  I plan on going back again sometime to see what new things she has made.

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