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Friday, November 30, 2012

My Artful Friday - 30 Nov

Wow!  November has been so busy with guests and traveling that I haven't had much time to spend on any sort creative project... and what few I've done, I haven't had time to post!
Here is the  companion piece to "Little Pink Toes" I did for Little Bird.  This one is "Future All Star" with Little Hoss' tiny socks.  Hard to think that one day his big toe won't fit in those sweet socks! 
I made this as part of two challenges - "blessings" and "numbers".  I call it "Counting My Blessings".
A new note card for my series. 
A fun little altered bottle for the challenge "Steampunk". 


  1. Wonderful projects, ideas, and results, Teri! I'm working on a shadow box with momentos from my Dad's time in the Navy, but the box I got is much too large so I need to exchange it for something more appropriate. I like your blessings tree, too!

  2. hi Teri,
    thanks for stopping by Just Add Water Silly and leaving me suggestions for next year's APR, I really appreciate it!!

    Just so you know, whichever email you have connected to your blog or comments is not viable. when I clicked to respond using that email address, my response came back to me as undeliverable.
    The email address connected to the comment you left me is:


    Have a great weekend!


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