Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Selection of Succulents

Still working on my fluffing my blogging mojo.  I am getting other stuff done around here, including a lot of good work in my studio.  Now is a lot of tweaking and setting up for decorating (things like getting the base coverings on container boxes and so on).

Yard work has stalled... when the temps were nice, it was pouring rain and then muddy.  Now that it's not raining it is hot and humid again.  

However, I have these beautiful succulents to show off.  They were at the produce auction and you had to buy the entire cart you see here.  No thanks (even tho the price was spectacular).  


We did come home with the little lovely.  The man who bought the the lot of them sold this one to me for $2.  Bargain!

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