Monday, September 11, 2017

Rambutan ... Don't Think I Can...

I like trying new foods; especially vegetables and fruits.  So when I saw this package at the local Wal-Mart I had to give it a go.

The packaging was silly...

...but what was inside was very intriguing.  It looked like an alien egg or something.  Since I'd never heard of it, I Googled "rambutan" to see just what I was supposed to do with it.  was a quite interesting!  Found out it is in the lychee family (you see those on Chinese buffets in the fruit area).

The hairy covering is called a 'rind' and it is soft yet firm.

You cut around it with a knife, then pop it open.

That is the last easy part of the process...

The white flesh is rubbery to the point of being difficult to cut.  Once it is finally open, the husk around the pit sticks to the fruit's flesh.

You're not supposed to eat this (the husk).

After much hacking, I had this left.  I was so DONE!

So Himself decided to try it...

They all ended up here...

Total waste of money.

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