Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Hurricane at The Sticks, Tennessee

It is hard to believe that Hurricane Harvey traveled all the way to Tennessee... and beyond.

As it approached local weathermen had no idea what would happen.  Their rainfall predictions were 2 to 10 inches.  Seriously?  

We did what was needed in case it "was" 10 inches with high wind (making sure the downspout extenders were in place, putting away outdoor items, etc).  Then we waited.

After some on and off rain all day Thursday, it finally hit around 11pm.  

It poured.  It was like there were more raindrops falling than should be...could be.

It didn't take long for it to be sheeting down the road, driveway, and our hill.

 It rained and it blew all night long.  Next morning the wind had died back even tho it was still raining.  We decided after our morning cuppa (yes!  We still had power!!) that we would drive around the area and see what happened.

First we cleared small branches out of our driveway and drove carefully over the new 'ditch' across the drive (you can see it forming in the above photo on the left side).  But there was nothing major amiss.

We didn't go far before we came to this washed over area.  Himself moved the branches so we and others could pass through.

Went around this fallen tree...

...but this one turned us around!

Here the river overflowed and pressed down this entire field.  You can see the river back in its banks on the upper right.

Upstream was a MESS!  Look at how the river scoured the side of the bridge!

It was worse on the other side!  Wash out!!  It's going to take quite some work to fix the road here.

Closer to the Cumberland River, the water flowed across from a field into a park.  We stopped here and watched this truck cross to see what the depth was.  As you can see, it was just at his hub caps and not moving fast at all.

Although it LOOKED more impressive than it was.

Where it wasn't muddy from the field, this is what it really looked like.

When the rain finally stopped, we did an 'official Harvey reading' from our rain gauge.

The total of the entire storm here at The Sticks was 8.75 inches in about 30 hours.

If you are looking for an excellent charity to give thru for hurricane relief in Texas, I would suggest Samaritan's Purse  ( )

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  1. Over the years we've had a couple of Gulf hurricanes come up the Mississippi and dump rain on the St. Louis area. I'm always amazed that a storm can still pack such a punch hundreds of miles from its source.


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