Monday, September 4, 2017

Create: Autumn

I've been working on artistic and creative projects a lot more.  Creating seems to 'open' my mind more in every day situations... decision making, memory, problem solving, etc.

You might have noticed that I'm posting only on odd days (for the most part).  So when I have something to show (off) I'm going to use the even days for that.


Artist Trading Card (ATC)

Hand carved maple leaf (alas not by me) and mulberry paper & SB paper.  Chipboard "A".


  1. Beautiful card indeed! I love the colours, materials and siprit of it.

    Snort! I have a lot of spam to delete too. From Siam or somewhere is Asia at the moment... It's a shame, but I think there are machines making that and not reel humans... :(

  2. Beautiful work. Very tactile looking.


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