Thursday, January 4, 2018

Challenges For January

I’m ready for my January challenges!  Here’s what I have lined up:

1.  Home – Time to KonMari again. A year has passed and there is definitely more to let go.

2.  Yard – Not much... it’s January for Pete’s sake!  However, I will get the lilacs, myrtles, and hibiscus pruned.  They are getting to be beasts!

3.  Kit – I’ll be doing a ‘shopping’ kit that will consist of a price comparison notebook and a coupon file.  I've done this before and it is well worth the effort of setting it up.

4.  Fitness – Starting back with my “Sloth Running” (I’ll get there when I get there!).  I have signed up for a 5K in mid-March so it is time to get real with this.  I hope to do a 5K each month IF I can find one near by that supports a good cause.   #USOTenMiler   

5.  Appearance – This month’s focus is hair and skin. Between being "a woman of a certain age", the stresses of the 2nd half of 2017, and having dry skin in general I need a lot of work on this!  I may take me to a spa for a day. 😉

6.  Spiritual – Get back to serving Him properly and with intention.  This month it is time to start being grateful again.  

7.  Assemblage/Mixed Media - My first month will be focusing on configuration boxes, shadow boxes, and rigid mountings. 

8.  Creative Focus Project – Quilting.  I'm starting two projects this month.  One is the is the 3 decade old sampler quilt which I WILL finish.  The second is a quilt that will use blocks, fabrics, and scraps from Himself's family heritage.  Of course I won't finish them in January but there will be a good start and I will aim to finish by next New Year.

9.  Writing – Write a haiku piece in octave form for the EHC writing contest. 

10.  My photos – Cull and organize the hard drive photos.  A daunting task as I've done about 4 different mass saves that I have to pick thru to find the few unique photos in each.  Uff-da!  Goal is to have only 2 complete copies - one on the external hard drive and the other on my lap top.  And to have it organized in such a manner that new photos can be easily transferred. 

11.  Photo albums – Finish my 2006 Mexico trip album journaling.  

12.  Photo books – Finish my 2011 Scotland trip album.  This is another biggie as there is just SO much to go thru.  

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