Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Great KonMari of 2018

Did you know that January is “Get Organized Month”?  So it is fitting that this is the month I do my second KonMari decluttering.  I’m starting to see too many things that are NOT bringing me joy...

By serendipity a few months ago I found a Face Book group called Nourishing Minimalism Yearly Decluttering Challenge with the challenge (at the time) of “2017 in 2017”.  The group’s goal is for members to declutter out 2017 items in the year. 

I came late to the dance so I’ve been waiting for this year’s challenge of 2018 in 2018.  Well... truth be told... I started my count down on 15 Dec and I will work thru to 14 Dec 2018.  I got tired of waiting.

As with any group, there are members who are seriously working on it and there are those who are playing mind games with themselves (like counting EACH piece of paper or individual twist tie they declutter).

Decluttering for me means that an item is removed from my household.  It can be trashed, recycled, donated to charity, or given away... it just does NOT live here anymore.  Nor will I be obsessive in ‘getting rid of’.  Teri’s idea of minimalism is not ‘Spartan’... it is ‘cozy’ and 'can find what I am looking for'.

So I am playing with a stricter set of rules... ones that will mark real results. 

1. It has to be a real physical object.  No digital photos or electronic files.  (Sheesh... I’d be done 500 times over by the end of this month!!)

2.  No counting individual pieces of paper or photos.  I weighed a ream of paper and found that 1 pound is a third of an inch stack.  That is a good measurement and easy to figure.  So one pound is "one" item.

3.  Normal trash from daily living does not count.

4.  An item that broken and was replaced does not count.

5.  Something that comes in quantity (such as a box of nails) counts as one item.

I wonder when I’ll hit my 2018?

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