Saturday, January 27, 2018

Snow Time for Marmalade

I've had enough winter for the year!  Remember my last update on Monday the 15th when I said we were going to see if we could drive up the hill?  The road was good and we made it to the Dollar General to get my eggs and some milk.

Good thing... it snowed that night. 

Around 4 inches, part of which melted on the road and froze ~ leaving us yet again with an impassable hill.  We didn't get out until Thursday.  The below video was taken on Wednesday afternoon.  See the issue?  LOL  

So we entertained ourselves by making goodies!

Orange marmalade goodies to be exact, from the bag Cara Cara oranges I'd bought before all this snow stuff started.

First batch gave us 17 half pints of vanilla orange marmalade.

We had some Amish sourdough bread to try it out on.  It passed the test.

A year's worth of treats.

Then I got to thinking on flavors.  Wouldn't lavender orange be pretty good?

Yep!  It was delicious ~ especially on Himself's fresh hot homemade biscuits.

Hmmmm... maybe this snow stuff isn't so bad after all...

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