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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Nashville Highland Games

I forgot to say anything about our anniversary excursion, probably because I didn't blog much in September.

The Nashville Highland Games are back!

He's the guy in the poster.

We wandered around a bit until I saw one of my clan tents!


Or McFee or MacFee or MacPhee or MacPhie or, or, or...

Anyway... there they were!

We sat and visited for a while, and when we went exploring we could leave our chairs and stuff there at the clan tent.

The games start with the "massed pipe bands" meaning everyone who plays comes together to play and lead in the clans.  All of the clan parade in together by clan.  It's so cool.

So you can imagine how excited I was in Jim asked if I'd like to walk with him in the clan parade!!

Ginger let me borrow her tartan rosette and pinned it on for me.

SO much fun!!

After the field was cleared and set up, the athletic games began.  There are some big men competing in these!

Then it was time for the not-so-big guys over on the small field...

The girls had other places to be...

... with the fabulous Merida (of Pixars "Brave").

There was dancing ...

...and sheep...

...and fun shops too!

Can't wait til this next September!

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