Monday, March 5, 2018

A Place of My Own

Getting my creative space KonMari decluttered and organized lined right up with "National Craft Month" (March).  

I was very heavy handed reducing my stash down to only things I really like.  This photo is an example of that.  Everything that had been in those 3 red containers was reduced to the one grey container.

This is the 'workshop' area of my studio.  It holds only stash that I will actually use.  It's rather plain right now... decorating will come later and at my leisure.

Going around the workshop area from the far left and moving clock-wise...

Scrapbook and journal book making supplies.  Plus supplies for mixed media projects.

The hutch has tools, paints, and misc creative bits and bobs.  The wall shelves hold cook books and specialty cooking items that don't need to be in the kitchen.

Closer looks at the hutch.

This dresser holds my sewing notions and some fabric.  There is still a lot of work here... a wall treatment and hanging of decorations when that is done, building two book cases to flank the dresser, and doing a makeover of the dresser.

The wall of hobbies.  There are a lot of different supplies and projects here.

Bottles to alter.

My jewelry making supplies.

Quilting projects.


Now the other side of the room...

"Library and Office"

The dresser holds office supplies of various sorts.  What I'm going to do with the cubbies is still being figured out.

My bookshelves.  The white boxes are all photos that will go into albums.  I'm working to do a new album each month.

And my sitting area.

Behind the chair on the right of the above photo is a closet that stores my frames, canvases and a few other large items.

So there you have it.  I am ready to start creating!

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