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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show 2018

First weekend in March means Nashville Lawn & Garden Show!

So much to see and so many great ideas.  I love these oversized lanterns; the down light inside of them makes the flowers really pop.  Wouldn't it be a great night feature?

The wire leaf behind the bush is a nice accent.

I'm usually not one for a formal garden but this is quite elegant.

There were displays from funky junk to...

... simple and lovely.

But I think the theme of the show was more "funky junk landscape and gardens".

I mean, can you get much more funky than a cement block wall with an octopus on it?

Or maybe a bit of graffiti in your garden.

A nice display but I wonder how long a tree could stay in that container?

This geodome was a new item this year.

Small gardens in recycled beds was a common theme.

Here are some veggies and herbs in a pallet garden.

And mushrooms growing on old logs.

As always, so much to see!

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