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Friday, March 30, 2018

March Moves On

It's finally Spring in Middle Tennessee.  The trillium are one of the first wildflowers here.

However, March came in more like a snow leopard than a lion!  This snowy photo was take on the first day of Spring!  We had two other snow days before this.

But mostly it was wet.  Not as bad as February but we did get over 5.5" of rain for the month.

So March was a fairly quiet month.  We did have our company for a week and that was a lot of fun.  Otherwise, we just went into hyyge mood... get cozy!

Things like needle felting...

... and eating of comfort food (this is some lamb pelmeni I picked up in an Eastern European grocery store).

However March is the start of the most busy time of the year for bonsai.

It's time to repot the deciduous trees and the club had a great demonstration class for this project.

And it is right in the middle of the time to collect scrubby little trees (yamadori) from the wild and the yard.  This little guy is already on his way to being a bonsai thanks to a few years of mower pruning!

(Hmmmm... we both forgot that poison ivy plant might go dormant but the roots never do.  We are both covered up with rash right now.)

Today is Good Friday.  Today is also Passover (at sunset).

It's been a good month.

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