Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Visitors from North Dakota

Earlier this month we had friends from North Dakota come down for a visit.  C has come several times before but this year her hubby W was able to come too.  When they left their home it was 8*F and had a blizzard a couple days before.  

Our temps were in the lower 60s...

... until they brought the cold with them!  This is what we woke up to the morning after they arrived.  Temperatures dipped down to the 40s and low 50s.

I'd had a couple things on my schedule during the time of their visit... first was to help take in entries for the area wide Extension Homemakers cultural arts contest.  I had volunteered Himself to help but C stepped in to take his place.

While we were logging in quilts and pillows the guys headed a few miles over to Fairview, KY.  The Amish auction was having a special sale of farm equipment... from horse drawn to tractor pulled.  They loved it!

Next afternoon we headed up to Clarksville to visit its Civil War site Ft. Defiance.  We had a treat of an impromptu group of Civil War reenactors.

The guys climbed around the trails while C and I visited on a bench in the sunshine.

On the way home I thought we were going to have a bit of excitement.  The river is high and the swing bridge had been opened to let this tug and barges through.

However, the captain for some reason didn't go through the open part... he headed under the main span.  The bridge operator seemed very concerned as it watched (and got on the phone to someone).

We pulled over to watch the show.  I started snapping photos in case something happened... maybe I could get them published in the paper!

He made it under... just barely!  I'm sure he was reported to the tug company for ignoring the bridge master.

OK, one snow was funny... two in a week is not!  Yep, we had a second snowfall 3 days later.  Of course with the temperatures it was melted by mid morning... but still...

On another day the guys went back to Ft Defiance to hit the museum and we ladies went to a local flea market type place.  I had to laugh at this note on a hat for sale there.

Their last day here we made a run to Nashville to have supper at a 'regional' restaurant; the famous Loveless Cafe.

Then we buzzed over to our bonsai club meeting where we had a guest demonstrator showing how to repot a tree.

It was a fun visit in all.  Looking forward to next year!

OH - the day they left it was 42*F.  Next day was 72*F!  LOL

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