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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

I’m not a person who gripes a whole lot about winter. In my opinion, it’s a lot better than summer! But it does tend to get on my nerves a bit when it dares to snow on a scheduled “chick day”!   

This last Monday Best Friend and I planned a shopping trip to Nashville. She has a fancy Valentines Gala she’s going to with her Sweetie and Clarksville is pitiful on its selection of classy dresses. As she said, “It is either ‘prom’ or ‘hoochie mama’.” 

With a wink I told her she just didn’t know where to shop… and we headed to Macys at Green Hills mall.

What I really like about Macys is the rate they change out their clothing selections (keeps it fresh and keeps customers coming in to look). And when they change out, they know how to have a sale. The norm is 65% off and it goes up from there. I am so tired of stores who act like 15% off is a wonderful clearance sale.

As we were getting ready to leave it started doing that snow/sleet thing and the temperatures were getting COLD.

So we took Little Red… after all, he has 4 Wheel drive!

By the time we got to Nashville it was only raining. Good deal! Didn’t matter it was a COLD rain.

To get into the shopping mood we had a nice lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

Then on to my beloved Macys.

I am quite pleased to say I wasn’t let down. Within 20 minutes we had found a great ‘little black dress’ that looked wonderful on her. Since we had done so well with time, we could poke about the mall a bit.

On the way out (stopping by The Cheesecake Factory one more time for dessert) we saw the rain had changed over to snow. And a lot of it. Drat it! So we ordered out cheesecake to go (key lime, thank you very much) and off we went.

What a difference a few COLD hours make…

There were quite a few cars off the road, one on its roof! And you know what? They were ALL sports type cars. We who stayed over in the ‘slow’ lane doing 30 mph did just fine.  You can see the slush on the road.

Nope, a little COLD and snow isn’t going to slow me down!


  1. Glad you had a nice day and got back safely. I don't know about you, but I'm getting TIRED of winter!

  2. Oh, the Cheesecake Factory...yum!!! We used to go to the Green Hills Mall quite often when we lived in Lebanon - always hitting up the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn stores. Good times. Glad you had a good day and made it back safely!

  3. Thank goodness, this is our last snow in the forecast, at least for seven days! Fred JUST got home from working a 26 hour shift, salting the roads in Nashville. He said it's the worst he's ever seen the roads.

    I'm off to take pictures! Stay warm!

  4. I do not want to see people get hurt...but when one of those sporty types goes flying by endangering all others on the road and then later I see that car in the ditch....I feel a little twist of my lip. Glad you had a safe trip! Sounds like a fun shopping day.

  5. Nice shots! It sounds like you had a nice time out.

  6. Awesome shots! Hope everyone was okay!

  7. Your snow is beautiful! I'm glad it was a safe (albeit short) outing for you and your best friend!

  8. i was living in Clarksville last winter and while I was there my parents in Maryland were slammed with that winter storm. Now I am in Maryland for this winter and Clarksville and surrounding areas are getting all the snow! I just can't win when it comes to getting more than an inch or two. :P

  9. WOW- I would love to see that last view in person. So pretty


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