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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Hoss Gets a Hair Cut

Did you notice I had gone MIA? I was up visiting the babies! And while I was there, Little Hoss got his first hair cut.

He didn’t need it cut because it was long… well, that’s not quite true. The problem was it was long in some places and not so long in others. So Sis decided to get it ‘evened up’ a bit.

The afternoon turned to a family event! My mom and sister had stuff done and in-between Kita trimmed up Little Bird’s wild curls. Then it was Little Hoss’ turn. (I had visited last time I was up so my job was baby entertainment).

He was so good sitting up there in his little booster chair.  (Sorry about the mirror glare!  I couldn’t move around much or he would twist around to see what Auntie was doing.)

The sound of the clippers didn’t bother him at all.

But the cord to them held his attention! 

It’s hard to describe his hair color. It’s blonde (obviously) but it has a beautiful metallic tone. It glows. And it is so soft you want to stroke it all the time.

We gathered up the clippings to save in his baby book to remember that incredible color and his first hair cut.


  1. Always an asset to find someone who is able to cut the hair of babies.
    We found a lady whom we stayed with for the last 10 years. They moved to another town. At least now my son are able to sit still.

  2. OMGoodness!!...he is adorable,love this!

  3. I hope you kept a lock of that gorgeous hair.....It is an event, that first hair cut....
    Thanks for being part of our challenge.

  4. Oh what a wonderful memory for both of you! He is darling. Kit

  5. He sure is mighty cute!!!


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