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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Splash of Red

With February here it was time to change out the decorations. No offense met to our Presidents, who have a holiday in this month, but decorating for Valentines is a whole lot more fun!

Since I have just started with my seasonal decorating, I only have a few things for Valentines… so far. I will be buying and making more for next year. I’m not into the cupid or goofy stuff. I prefer “romance” for my decorations.

And chocolate…

I have this simple tabletop decoration on the sofa table.  The scattered petals are some of the tulips I messed up in taking the tulip ‘bush’ apart. 

Found this little heart tree at Joann’s Crafts.  Isn’t it the cutest thing?  The rose votive holder is from Home Goods.  It’s not really working for me in that space… too red on red.  But for the time, that is where it’s going to be!

I added some silk roses to the fir branches in the guest bathroom.  I like how the roses pop off the dark green. 

A cute tea towel over the bath towels perked up that area.

Pretty simple for this year but I’ve gotten some great ideas for some things to make by next year!


  1. It's amazing how just a touch of seasonal decoration makes things look great (and you don't have to store a whole lot after the holiday is over!)

  2. Wonderful ideas! Your house looks very Valentine ready! I love the look of the scattered tulip petals. Hope you have a love-ly day tomorrow. :)


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