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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: D

 Wow!  We are already at the letter "D".  This one is easy!

D*:  (aka Himself) My hubby of 29 years. Handsome. Funny. Cooks and cleans! A beautiful pianist. Love to travel. Writes. Thinks everything I do is wonderful. Aren’t I a blessed lady?

DeSoto:  The little town in Missouri where I grew up. I think it’s only claim to fame is for a while it was the geographical center of the US population. The hub of town is the train repair shops. Main Street parallels the tracks. There used to be a lovely depot but some genius decided it would be better to widen the road instead of having a lovely and unique historic building. When I was young there was a REAL “five and dime”, an ice plant, a drive-in theater, an A&W with car hops, a swimming pool and German bakery. Sadly they are all gone now and the stores are homogenized, common, and boring.

 Dragons:  I guess I started liking dragons as a little girl when Dad’s “football boys” (he was the high school head football coach) gave me a little rubber dragon (our school mascot). In high school I discovered the “Dragon Riders of Pern” series and happily read every one. And I still ‘adopt’ dragons… I am very particular of how they look. No evil or dorky dragons live here! The photo is a dragon that if I could bring him home, I would in a heartbeat! He lives at “Jur-rustic Park” in Wisconsin. Wouldn’t he be wonderful at the end of the driveway… all ready to eat solicitors?

Dragonflies:  It’s a logical progression from loving dragons to loving dragonflies. Ferocious little beauties. I was thrilled when we bought our home to discover the land is home to a ga-zillion dragonflies of many varieties.

Daffodils:  My favorite flower. There’s nothing I don’t like about them. For my September wedding I had silk (cause you sure couldn’t get them fresh) daffodils in my bouquet.

Dachshunds:  Before there was me, there was Schotsie. He was a stern standard red dachsie who absolutely knew he was the “first born” in the family. When I was married, Brandy joined our new family. She was a miniature black and red who seemed to think if she ate enough she would become a standard dachshund! And finally there was Tsion, our last dog. Another black and red mini. A 90 second (seriously!) illicit affair with the neighbor’s sneaky mini poodle resulted in NINE “doodles” (all who were placed in loving homes – and mama made a little visit to the vet…).

Dolphins:  I admired dolphin before dolphins were considered ‘cool’. An opportunity to do a ‘swim with the dolphins’ cemented that fascination. To be in the water with them, you start to realize these animals are scary smart. Smarter than some neighbors I’ve had…

Drama:  Theater is THE thing! Comedy, drama, musical… I’ll watch them all. I was in drama club in high school, college and did community theater … but all as a tech, usually the stage master. Even won a few awards.

Doves:  The call of the mourning dove takes me straight back to my great grandmother’s house. You’d always hear them calling from first light until the evening. So my mourning doves are very welcome at my feeders.

Donuts:  “Hot Donuts NOW”   Be still my heart! If the Krispy Kreme sign is on… I must have my two HOT donuts. Must have. No option. I NEED my hot donuts! It was a day of mourning when the Krispy Kreme closed in Clarksville…


  1. Love this idea and your interesting list! Great way to get to know people better. Mind if I join in and do this as well?

  2. Lovely post! Such fun way to get to know you. And would you still be my bloggy friend if I tell you I have never ever had a krispy kreme donut? But now that I have read this I will make it my mission in life. Okay? :-)

  3. My students are doing this assignment as well. They just don't know that they are writing 27 paragraphs! We are calling it the ABC Memoir!


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