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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Travel Bird

After some hard physical work I’ve been doing, I was really feeling the need to do something creative.  Just in time I saw my favorite art teacher ( )was offering another mixed media class.  I wasted no time in getting signed up!

I was especially happy to see she was doing another bird design. 

It was a fun surprise to find out that three of my friends had also signed up (the two with their back to the camera and the one in the white shirt). 

Before long everyone was working on their art piece… the room became kind of quiet!  There was a whole lot of thinking going on.  And cutting.  And gluing. 

I changed mine from the pattern (imagine that!).  Instead of using paper for the “berries” I pulled a couple foreign coins from my stash of supplies.  They fit better with my travel theme. 

It was only after I had attached them I realized both coins had something to do with birds! The top coin is from Mexico and has an eagle on it. The bottom coin is from Saudi (I think) and has a feather on the bottom of the crest.

I’m very pleased at how it turned out.

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