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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: N

Ntikoisa:  “NT” is our second sponsor child thru Compassion.  He is Maasai.  We had the pleasure of meeting him and his family on our trip to Kenya in 2006.  

Nap:  Ahhhhh… nothing like a nice nap.  I don’t ‘power nap’… I ‘power sleep’. 

Nativities:  I have quite a collection of nativity scenes.  Most come out at Christmas as our main decorating theme but some stay out year round.  When possible, I pick up one in every country I visit.  

Niagara Falls:  Haven’t been there but I want to go.  And when I do, I want to do all the kitschy things!  What a hoot!

Nairobi Kids:  This is the second child sponsorship organization I sponsor thru.  It’s based thru a school in the Soweto slums of Nairobi.  They have one of the most affordable sponsorship rates out there and are doing wonderful things.   

Nail polish:  I really like polished nails but I am just too hard on my hands to keep a manicure looking good.  Everything I have tried chips in a day or two.  Well, at least I can have pretty toes!

Necco:  These are my “traveling candy”.  I’ll always pick up a pack at a gas station.  However… I only like the yellow, orange and white ones.  Good thing Himself likes all the other ones!  

Nepal:  On my “to go” list.  I would love to trek thru to Base Camp Everest.

Nautilus:  Beautiful.  The shells catch my eye every time and the critter who lives in them is pretty cool too!  

Navajo:  I am very interested in the Navajo culture.  I think their art is beautiful.  I have a few pieces (a rug, a couple pieces of pottery, and a tiny kachina dancer).  We spent some time in Navajo Land in 2004, even staying in a B&B that was an authentic hogan.  So cool! 

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