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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Ferry to Whidbey Island

When Himself and I left Port Townsend, WA we decided to go back a different route.  This time we took one of the ferries to Whidbey Island and then another ferry over to the main land.  

What fun!  I’d never been on a big ferry before… just the smaller ones that go across the Mississippi River (the ones that can give you a bit of a white-knuckle experience as you wonder if this rickety thing will actually make it across!). 

So we drove onto to this big boat with a lot of other vehicles.  Once we parked, we could wander around on the upper decks and enjoy the ride across.

Bye-bye Port Townsend!

We saw some really beautiful homes on the crossing.

Soon enough we were at Whidbey Island.

Where there were more beautiful houses.

We had decided to make a drive around the island, so we turned right when we left the ferry.  Our first stop was to Driftwood Park.

This beach is the mother lode of driftwood.  And you can’t take a single piece!  There were some boards I could have done some amazing things with…

But it was fun to wander around looking at.

Our next stop was Coupeville.  That is Mt. Baker in the background.

I LOVE this sign!  Aren’t’ the different woods wonderful?  It spins too.  I admire the art of the Pacific Northwest tribes and these orca are beautiful.

And this was a fun sign over a shop.

One of our last stops was at the end of our circle… if we’d gone left from the ferry it would have been our first stop!  Admiralty Head Lighthouse.  It was one of the lighthouses featured on the US postal stamps back when they were .25c. 

There is a nice exhibit inside.  I like the copies of the lighthouse keepers’ notes.  Wouldn’t it be fun to sit and read those logs?

You could go up into the tower too. 

Ft. Casey with Mt. Rainier in the distance.

I could sit here all day!

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