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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: P

Photography:  I guess it’s no secret my favorite hobby is photography.  My photography is a way to share my experiences with others.  I want my photos to capture the essence of a very particular moment in a way that makes the viewer feel they were a part of it.  I chose to make photos of images that capture the beauty in life, maybe finding an angle that makes a common view different or showing a detail that most miss.  When I do a portrait, it’s a candid shot of someone doing that thing they love.  

Pho Tai:  Vietnamese beef noodle soup.  Probably my favorite of all soups.  We have a great little “hole in the wall” restaurant in town and we visit at least once a month for a late lunch that lasts the rest of the day.

Patches:  My childhood pet and best friend.  Son of my dad’s English Pointer and a big, sneaky neighborhood dog, we bottle raised him from 2 days old.  The photo distorts how big he really was since he was standing on a slope and about 3 feet from me (yes, I’m the one holding the baby – who just happens to be Little Hoss and Little Bird’s mama!).  

Peeps:  Peeps chicks are an Easter time tradition around here.  If Himself is still on the ship over Easter, I buy extra to share with him when he gets home.  Only yellow and only chicks.

Pick-Up Truck:  Our work horse!  Little Red has taken us many miles on road trips, hauled a lot of treasures, and been used in a lot of mission works.  

Packrat:  OK, I confess… my name is Teri and I am a packrat.  But I’m doing my ‘12 Step’ program and am fairly well reformed (Best Friend has permission to smack me if I pick up any more cute picture frames or jars). 

Paintings:  When we travel, we try to pick up an original piece of art to bring home.  We have a fairly nice collection.  This one came from Kenya.  Himself brought it back from one of his military trips.  Does the man know how to shop, or what!?  

Purple:  Favorite color!  I like shades that are rich in color and not muddy.  Not pastel either.

Pipes:  Great Highland Bagpipes to be specific.  While the Scots didn’t invent them… in my opinion they perfected them!  I can listen to them all day.  A few years ago I was able to go to a concert of The Black Watch Pipes and Drums.  Wow! 

Pirates:  Pirates of the Caribbean, that is!  How can you not love CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow?  Best Friend’s 2 boys and I have seen every one of the movies together.  They are Pirate 1 and Pirate 2.  I am The Pirate Queen.  And they’d best not forget it!  LOL

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