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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: O

O*:  AKA Little Hoss.  My nephew and Little Bird’s brother… he’s going to be Bird’s PESKY brother soon… very soon…  LOL  He’s sweet and funny and the best little ‘rassling partner around.  

Operation Christmas Child: We have been putting together shoeboxes years.  It’s one of our Christmas traditions and for us marks the start of the holiday season.  On October 31 we go shopping for the last few things we need to round out our boxes (I shop year-round to get some incredible deals) and have dinner out someplace nice.  Then we come home for dessert and our own little box packing party. 

Ocicats:  In the 90s we bought a pair of Ocicat kittens.  This is a domestic breed from crossing Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair cats.  That mix gives you spotted cats!  And they are beautiful.  And they are real characters (with Siamese and Aby backgrounds…oh yeah).  One thing turned to another and for a short time we were showing and breeding on a small scale.  We did pretty well.  One of my kittens became a champion breeder with several of her offspring becoming Grand Champions.  And we had at least one cat become a Grand himself.  We left the hobby when it started getting too political and too money-driven.  But I do miss our kittens!  

Organizing:  I am an organizing nut.  For me it’s fun.  I’m helping my sister organize her downstairs (the garage is my area) and I help Dad with his garage too.  I’m also working on my own stuff because not only do I like to organize… I like to get stuff too.  I have a goal that by the time I’m 50 my home will be 100% decluttered and organized.  I have 10 month…  Uff-da!!!

Otters:  I have adored otters since the late 60s when my Mom took me to see the movie “A Bright Ring of Water”.  Now Missouri isn’t known for its otter population… so it was almost 40 years later before I saw my first wild otter in Alaska.  That is why I was so thrilled about my visit with “Mr. Otter” this spring in Port Townsend, WA.  

Onions:  I like them (sorta) but they don’t like me (definitely).  Puts a crimp on my “chef style” not being able to eat them.  But you do what you have to do.

Ostrich:  They are just funny!  We saw a lot of wild ones on our trip to Kenya, and also stayed at an ‘ostrich ranch’ where they are raised for meat.  The babies are adorable… the adults, not so much.  

Oatmeal cookie:  There’s not much better than a big, warm, soft oatmeal cookie and a glass of cold milk. 

Ocean:  This is my peaceful place.  However, I like northern oceans much more than tropical oceans.  Cool breezes, rocky beaches, choppy waters.  Oh yeah.  

Oysters:  YUM!!  Half-shell, baked, stew, Rockefeller, dressing… I love oysters.  Anytime I’m near an ocean or at a really good seafood restaurant, I’ll order some oysters on the half-shell.

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  1. Ha, I sure learned alot about the "o's" in your life. :) Those are amazing looking cats.


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