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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Patriotic Bird Houses: A Project With the Kids

Dad had mentioned several times that he wanted to put some bird houses up around the yard.  In trying to think of a good Father’s Day present, I remembered that. 

I have a good supply of bird houses that I have gotten here and there, including a bunch I’ve picked up at Amish shops and yard sales.  I picked out 4 simple of simple design for my project.

Two of them were spray painted a rustic folk red.

On the first one I pulled out my start stencil and traced stars of various shapes all over the bird house.  Then I used blue and silver (which looked white on the bird house) Sharpies to add details to each star.

The other one I taped off to make a folk art looking American flag.  (Opps!  It needs a star!)

The other two I saved for something special…

… I had Little Bird and Little Hoss paint them up for their ‘Papo’! 

On these I had a white background.  I cut stars from masking tape and randomly placed them all over the two bird houses. 
Then it was time to paint!  We had them down to just their nappies to make cleaning up easier.  The acrylic painted washed right off their skin… not so my jeans!

First was the blue coat, then the red coat went on.  (Make sure you allow the first coat to completely dry… we rushed it a bit because our artists have very short attention spans and it was hot outside!)



Little Bird’s bled a bit under the star because she ‘scrubbed’ at the surface as she painted.  Hoss is more of a slam-it-down sort of painter.  LOL He also got bored after the first coat and wandered off to try to convince Papo to take him for a tractor ride.

I love the way they turned out!

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