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Friday, July 20, 2012

Shooting Stars and Fireballs!

Wanted to share with you all this opportunity to view a great (possibly) meteor shower.  We’ve gone out to watch this one before and the fireballs are fantastic!  Weather permitting, it is one that is worth trying to see. 

I’m going to be stretched out on my chaise on the deck for this one!

“July 23-30 - Capricornids - From comet Honda-Mrkos-Padjusakova, these are bright yellow meteors with many fireballs!  This is a terrific year for these meteors to be seen and enjoyed, since the moon will be in quarter and gibbous phases and in the sky during evening and until after midnight from July 28-31 for the duration of this activity; the radiant for these meteors is very low in SE sky at dark and south of overhead for mid-northern latitudes by midnight; best chance for the best meteors will be after about 1:30 a.m. local time when the dark side of the earth will be turning directly into the path of the meteor stream.  Even in moonlight this can be a spectacular shower, so this year - with a bright troublesome moonlight in the sky - sleep early and observe late!”

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