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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cooking at Ingredients: Basic Sauces (recipe)

I picked up another interesting cooking class at Ingredients… and this time Himself was able to go with me.  It was taught by a Clarksville caterer Ross Wilson, owner and chef at Fire and Ice Catering.  ( )
We learned how to make a variety of basic sauces.  I was excited about the class because I had planned to learn some of these on my own (and some I already have down pat).
Basil Pesto
Mascarpone Cream
A’la Vodka
OK, I was lazy today about typing out the recipe and instead scanned it in.  You can see my “Teri Notes” I jotted down.  First is the notation that you don’t want to use a salty ham like country ham or prosciutto. (In my opinion, it could also be left out).  The note about the onions means that you ‘sweat’ them… not caramelize them. 


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