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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Junk Palooza!

Our last trip thru Missouri to visit our family, we made a little detour.  A detour that had my little ol’ junk-loving heart going pitter-pat.
We visited the Mother of All Junk Yards!  I found this jewel of a place cruising with Google Earth. 
We were in a bit of a hurry to get where we were going, so I’ll have to explore later.
But I did walk around a bit just to see what there was.
Oh the possibilities!!
Have you ever seen such neatly arranged ‘junk’? 
I’m seeing a firepit…  How about you?  It’s the perfect size and only $25! 
We had too much stuff in the back of our truck to get it this trip but next time we go up I’ll make sure there I room to bring one home with me!

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