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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Babies at Terrazza Grill

Our trip to see the babies was a short one this month.  Weather and illness (nasty virus) delayed our trip so much we didn’t even get up there in Jan!!  And we had to get home quickly as our schedule is really, really crazy right now.
Oh my… I nearly went thru “Aunty Withdrawal” shakes!!  Seriously, I think that I’ve only missed a monthly visit 3 times since Little Bird was born – and she’s 3 and a half!
Anyway, one of the things we did as a family was an evening out to eat.  We picked a nearby Italian restaurant as the babies do love their pasta!
First we set to the very serious business of deciding what to get!  (Sorry for the ‘soft focus’ on the photos… the lights were rather low and I didn’t want to disturb the other tables by using a flash). 
Thankfully the restaurant has coloring pages for the kids while they wait.  Little Hoss worked on his masterpiece until the hot rolls arrived. 
While Little Bird collaborated with her aunty on her art piece.  We made a treasure map – with X marking ‘the spot’!
Once the meal came out…so much for any more drawing!  It was time to eat!

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