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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Entertainment Center to Tool Center

One of the fringe benefits of my studio remodel is that I’m finding myself with a lot of spare storage pieces just waiting to be repurposed. 

One such piece was our old entertainment center.  I had it custom built by a local furniture maker.  It was made to hold our large CRT television (that gives you an idea how old it is!).  It is rock solid and BIG. 

I didn’t want to just get rid of it…at least not until I explored all the possibilities of reusing it.

As I was cleaning off my workbench in the garage it finally occurred to me what it could be used for… 

A shelf for my power tools!  Plus I can now have my coolers on top where it is easy for me to get them. 

The large shelf made for the TV is perfect for my compound miter saw. 
And with the adjustable shelves everything else fits exactly as I need it too.  I love having everything all together – tools and supplies. 

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