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Thursday, January 9, 2014

-1 Degrees Means ICE

Our latest walk to the lake had a purpose… to see the ice from the recent cold snap.  We weren’t disappointed.  There was some unusual and beautiful ice to see.

The dam spillway had a thick layer ice covering the rocks.  It was so smooth it almost felt soft. 

The rain before the freeze caused puddles everywhere…

…and they froze with the leaves. 

Love the little ice ‘rays’ from this gum ball.

The lake was covered with ‘frost flowers’.

Like snowflakes, no two were alike.  There were areas on the lake that were full of them.

And there were strange polka dots in the ice too.

Some were flat and others were dimensional. 

Along the edge of the lake were areas that had frozen, and then froze some more as the lake level dropped.  

These rushes had ice necklaces from the lowering water.  

It’s really strange how they form.  I’d love to see a time lapse sequence on this!

This sheet of ice was dripping on the underside as it melted.

Droplets looking down from the top!

A beaver hole at the bottom of one of their ‘slides’.  I can’t imagine being in that COLD water!!

We were a bit chilled by the time we got back to the house… we stayed out at least an hour and a half.  But it will probably be a long time before we have this sort of cold to make the lake icy.  So it was well worth the shivers.

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